Most Expensive: $6,750 Per Night Luxury Hotels

No, that was not a typo, we did not mean $67.50, we meant $6,750.00 per night if you waMumbai Oberoi Luxury Hotelnt to stay at one of Taj and Oberoi hotel group’s latest flagship Mumbai properties.  The luxury hotel group is pulling out all stops in attempts to win back business lost over the past two years due to sporadic extremist attacks.

That said, the Mumbai Oberoi will be charging a rate of around 300,000 rupees, or $6,750 dollars per night, which is double what they were charging a couple of years back.  There will be presidential suites available at The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower for around 350,000 rupees (I just like that word, I may begin translating the cost of our luxury car rentals into rupees).

The tourism sector in India began to suffer greatly following the deaths of 166 people due to gun and grenade attacks.  This in turn forced the luxury hotels to close down and rebuild due to structural damage.  The violence has since past, and the luxury hotel brand must focus on regaining customer confidence.

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts intends to open more luxury properties in New York, Paris and China following a $40 million dollar makeover.  The brand already boasts locations in London, Paris, New York and Tokyo, which is quite the upscale circuit.

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