Geely’s Ambitious Rebranding Strategy with Volvo

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. is wasting no time making its moves, and luxury cars.  Just out of the gate from a deal to acquire Ford Motor Co.’s Volvo car unit, Geely is diving into a complete rebranding strategy aimed at perching it among China’s top automakers.   We think ambition is sexy, and hope the resulting rides are.

Ambitious indeed, the company aspires to increase its annual sales six fold by 2015 that would be by two million cars.  In line with the rebranding, Geely will be releasing over two-dozen neGeely's Star 2S 2010w models folding out over two years.  Basically, that is 12 models per year, which is quite an undertaking, especially when compared to the 3 they released last year.

Adding to the challenge of the rebranding is the fact that Geely is not synonymous with quality to the Chinese buyers.  To sidestep this roadblock and to avoid consumer confusion with the vast number of autos it will be churning out, the company plans to phase out the use of “Geely” and utilize three “baby” brands.  The cars will be placed and marketed according to which baby brand it fits into.  The names of the baby brands are Emgrand (luxury vehicles), Gleagle (affordable subcompacts) and Englon (midsized cars).

Well, we certainly hope they have the funding for all that marketing.  The Emgrand GE was unveiled at last year, and has been compared to the Rolls-Royce Phantom, so if that is any indication of the talent we can expect from this rebranding, we are pleased.  We wish Geely luck on the road to improving poor consumer perceptions by creating a fleet of quality luxury cars for a large market.

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