To Rolls Or To Lambo? That Is The Question

Imagine Lifestyles has a very difficult question to answer this week.  Will our next exotic rental car be a Rolls Royce Phantom rental car or a Lamborghini Gallardo rental car?  I guess it’s a good predicament to be in, because both outcomes are quite desirable.  However, for this week, we can only pick one.  Our decision will be determined by several different factors.  Which vehicle do we get more requests for?  Which one makes more sense for the Chicago market at this time?  Etc.At this point, we are receiving an insane amount of requests for both vehicles, however these requests are very different from one another.  People request the Lamborghini to experience the raw power of a legendary sports car, and people request the Rolls Royce for chauffeured events such as weddings and prom night.   

Lamborghini Gallardo Gray 2007Since we currently have several other vehicles that are ideal for chauffeured events, we realized that shouldn’t be our absolute priority.  What we don’t have at this point, is an exotic sports car rental that screams speed, prestige, and “bat mobile” all at the same time.  As we come into the late spring and summer months here in Chicago, we feel the Lamborghini Gallardo is the best gift we can give to our fair city. So look out for our new addition next week.  Imagine Lifestyles Chicago would love to give you the first opportunity to take hold of this monster of an exotic car rental.  I mean, doesn’t every one want to relive the scene from “The Dark Knight” when Bruce Wayne sped under the “L” tracks on Franklin in his gun metal silver Lambo?  Just please, don’t crash ours… we want it back!

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