Bottle of Tequila Sold For Price of New Exotic Sports Car

If you had $225k, would you rather buy a new Ferrari or similar exotic sports car, or the most expensive bottle of tequila? I suppose that would depend on how much tequila was consumed prior to making this decision–though someone did shell out that amount for a bottle of Tequila Ley.925 in 2006. Since that time, the premier luxury tequila company has created other options to add to the mix. With each bottle worth more than the next, they are tempting recipes for the most painful hangover fathomable! Not that anyone is likely to actually open the bottles.

most expensive bottle of tequila

Shots, shots, shots! Bottle of Tequila Ley luxury spirit sold for $225k. It happened a few years ago and is still a shocking bar to reach.

The bottle itself is extravagant, with a two-toned approach. One side is pure platinum and the other is white gold. The halves of the bottle are then joined by a solid platinum emblem depicting the brand. The next version emerged in 2010 and was named “Diamond’s Law” because it gleams with 4,000 sparkling diamonds totaling 328 carats. That bottle boasts an estimated value of $3.5 million. It is 100% pure agave tequila from Hacienda La Capilla’s famed plantation aged seven years. Upon completion, Diamond’s Law enjoyed a snazzy tour of exotic hotspots like Monaco, Dubai, London, Spain, Paris and Switzerland.

most expensive bottle of tequila

The company still holds the Guinness World Record for most expensive bottle of tequila with the $225k bottle. It was sold to a private collector in the United States, no word on if it was consumed.

most expensive tequila

Fun fact: The best tequila in the world is considered to be from the city of Tequila. It is located in the highlands of western Mexico in the Jalisco area. It is derived from the aged blue agave plant to perfection.

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