World’s Most Expensive Surfboard Priced at $1.3 Million

There are plenty of options to consider when making the decision to part ways with million dollars. For example, one could acquire a reasonably priced exotic sports car and be left with the funding to properly maintain it, or simply toss it all at a Bugatti Veyron and faith. There is also the world’s most expensive surfboard for $1.3 million bucks. One might just offer a shark their leg and defend the board in this situation?

most expensive surfboard

New Zealand surf pro designs most expensive surfboard for the bargain price of just over a million bucks! You are paying for specialty wood, gold and the bragging rights to having a Roy Stuart board. Far out, man.

most expensive surfboardCreator and creation.

That is right, a piece of wood designed for surfing will cost over a million dollars. Roy Stuart is considered an expert surfboard crafter in his native New Zealand and clearly that reputation demands a price. The designer board has been dubbed “The Rampant”, in efforts to communicate how it moves in an “Unrestricted and unrestrained” method. Her measurements are 10 feet by 6 feet make for a formidable opponent to the waves.

most expensive surfboardThat is all good, but there has to be more, right?

There certainly is a bit more to the most expensive surfboard. Aside from her creator’s prestige and her size, she is comprised of Paulownia timber acquired from East Asia. This particular style of wood allowed Roy to mold a single concave along the entire length of the board. The board is then given Kahikatea wood from his native New Zealand along the basal section. There is a sloppy-ish lion logo gracing the front in 23 karat gold, which one would hope is immune to the ill effects of salt water or sex wax?

most expensive surfboardHere is Stuart looking like Tom Hanks in the movie “Castaway”. The Rampant board is a bit better than the Wilson ball from the flick, however. You are welcome.

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