Most Expensive: Cheers for Beers!

If you are a beer fan, you love to swill the succulent sauce, but may sometimes turn your nose up at the bar tab.  While some places charge “too much” for what are considered “regular” beers, there are still others that are semi-unbelievable to most bar patrons.  Meet some of the world’s most expensive brews!Ville Von Secours Beer

Topping the list is Ville Bon Secours, a luxury beer available only in a bar called the Bierdrome in London.  This is an exclusive brew you may not want to buy a round of, as it is $1,000 per bottle!  Well, if you have the means and a taste for this particular beer, it certainly would be a special occasion.  You can indulge in a luxury rental car for that price! 

Up next is an exotic beer brewed by the Boston Beer Company, which comes in at a significantly less damaging rate.  You can buy a Samuel Adam’s Utopia beer for around $100 per bottle, which is still pricey, but seems palatable next to the Ville Bon Secours! Samuel Adams Utopia Brew

The Utopia brews are sold in fashionable copper bottles intended to resemble and represent the copper brewing kettles that have been used historically by beer brewing companies.

The Sam Adams Utopia beers are also listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the strongest beer in the world, coming in at 25% alcohol content.  Hey, at least you won’t need many!  Interestingly, the company sells around 8,000 bottles per year, as it takes approximately 12 years to make the beer.

Tutankhamen BrewThird on our illustrious beer list is Tutankhamen Brew.  This exclusive beer is prepped according to a recipe and brewing method unearthed by the University of Cambridge archaeologists/Egyptologists in the Queen Nefertiti’s Temple of Sun in Egypt.  Sound cool?  It is, but it will cost you $52 USD per bottle to take a sip of history. 

The temple is believed to have been built by King Akhenaton, King Tutankhamen’s papa, hence the name.  Production is also limited, and the edition is numbered.

Remember this is nothing like a smooth drink on a nice day!!


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