LOVE Conquers All: Cartier’s LOVE Collection

Cartier is an affluential brand known around the world for ultra fine jewelry and timepieces. The Paris-based marque has been high profile since the turn of the twentieth century, as they consistently turn out brilliant, high quality pieces. Cartier’s signature comes from intertwine platinum and diamonds. They also received a Geneva Seal from the Salon International de Haute Hologerie. The Geneva Seal is the highest official distinction in the watch-making industry.

Cartier’s legacy is richly enhanced by their charitable endeavors. The Jewelry brand is all about giving back and supporting the community. The Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Arts has given many fresh artists a medium for development. The Cartier LOVE collection is another, famous program by the marque that give back, the charitable project which began in the 1970’s is an expression of ongoing love. For each sale of a LOVE charity bracelet, Cartier donates a portion of the profit to the global cause and that’s hot! The single  link platinum and gold link charms can come with or without diamond studs. Then choose from a massive array of colored nylon lanyards, any color your little heart desires is available. Each color lanyard represents a different charity and is pictured with the A-List celebrity that holds that cause close to their heart. Cartier will even switch your colored bracelet out after it becomes worn.    

The newest addition to the LOVE collection are platinum and gold double interlocked charms, they are a bit more expensive but  a portion of the proceeds are still donated to charity. Wear your LOVE bracelet proud, it’s a guiltless frill for a great cause. The gorgeous classics are unisex and they make excellent birthday, barmitzvah or graduation gifts. Wearing more then one is totally chic because the idea of what the little bracelets represent goes a long way! So spread the Cartier’s LOVE around, it’s all about global progress and a cause that’s always going to be in style. While Cartier’s LOVE may not cure all the world’s afflictions, it’s definietly a start and that’s something we all can love!