Most Expensive: Ferrari License Plate Nabs $15K at Texas Auction

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and apparently that includes wallets.  A novelty Ferrari license plate sold for a staggering $15k at an Arlington auction hosted by ‘My Plates’, a private vender chosen by the state of Texas to market and unload specialty plates.  For that rate, the buyer could have indulged in several Ferrari rentals Miami style! 

Ferrari License Plate

Proceeds for the specialty plates were divided between My Plates and the state; with the top sellers being Texas sports teams (Cowboys) and luxury items, like the Ferrari plate.  The Ferrari plate simply read:  FERRARI, and brought in the biggest bid last Thursday.  This was not a charity function, so the buyers must really be huge fans.
Specialty License Plate Auction Arlington


A COWBOYS plate went for $11,500 and a GO HORNS plate for $10,500.  A total of 33 specialty plates were sold at the Arlington auction, and it was the first time Texans could obtain personalized plates with a full seven letters of their choice, as prior rules dictated that the plates must start with a “T”.


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