Most Expensive: Gold ATM Machine Shell Out Gold

Forget sliding your card into an ATM in order to retrieve your funds.  In Abu Dhabi, there is a luxury ATM that distributes solid gold!

This certainly is the opposite side of the story in the United States, where some overly animated or seemingly drugged guy on TV is trying to buy your gold.  In the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, patrons are the ones getting the gold.Gold ATM Machine in Abu Dhabi

It is called the “Gold To Go ATM”, and was the brainchild of German entrepreneur Thomas Giessler.  Gold To Go is updated every 10 minutes with the most current conversion rates of cash and gold, and dispenses the gold in the form of coins or bars, each up to 10 grams in weight. 

To make it more luxurious, each gold bar is engraved with the Emirates Palace logo, and the coins are stamped with symbols representing the major gold producers in Canada, Australia and South Africa.  I would prefer a piece of gold shaped like a Lamborghini Gallardo Spider, please. 

As far as security measures, this luxury ATM features a variety, including anti-money laundering software.  Should a fault develop, the machine simply shuts down.

So at this point you may be asking yourself what the purpose of a gold-dispersing ATM is.  The gold coins and bars are intended to serve as souvenirs or as a safe investment that will retain its value.  The latter is up for debate, but it is a cool idea anyhow. 

And for the final touch, the ATM itself is actually made of gold, so it is (for now) the most expensive ATM in the world.  I just wonder if anyone has every attempted to chip away at the machine itself.


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