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Mobile applications, everyone loves them and they are quite the hot commodities in today’s plethora of smart phone options.  While everyone knows you must pay for some mobile phone apps, and that according to iPhone, “There is an app for that”; did you know that there are also luxury mobile phone apps?  Meet ASiQ Limited, who is offering a mobile phone app for the bargain price of $12,500.  Gulp.  This is like the luxury rental car of mobile phone apps!


ASiQ Safecell Mobile App

The Safecell mobile phone app is an in-flight mobile phone solution that feeds off of a phone’s Bluetooth capacity, transforming it into a wireless data communicator and entertainment system.  Yes, this is potentially the world’s most expensive mobile app.

So what justifies this luxury price plateau?  The theory is that unlike conventional aircraft mobile phone systems that run approximately a half a million dollars and are tied to a global roaming network that translate to intoxicatingly expensive usage, Safecell is different.  Safecell connects the cell phone to an onboard satellite link using Bluetooth to power the device outside of the mobile roaming network.

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This cost-effective and roaming-free approach to mobile voice and data is currently only available for Blackberry and Symbian-base phones.  There will be a release for Android phones, but iPhone fanatics will have the longest wait, as Bluetooth connectivity is somewhat restricted, guess you could say it is currently ‘Up in the air’ for the app leaders at Apple.

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