Most Expensive: The $10,000 Car Wash?

Exotic and luxury cars come with more than just bragging rights and a lofty price tag, they come with the responsibility and expense of regular maintenance, which can be shocking to those unaccustomed to such extravagance.   Meet the $10,000 car wash.

Yes, I said $10,000 car wash, more than some cars cost in the world!  For those who own or invest in luxury vehicles that cost anywhere from $200,000 to $2 million dollars and more, you want the car to stay in mint condition inside and out.  Of course you would never pull your Pagani Zonda, Bugatti Veyron or Lamborghini Gallardo into a regular car wash, where $25 can get you the works, and possibly some scratches.

No, when you own a certified luxury car, you shell out a little extra for your car washes, sometimes more than a little extra if you go to Gurcharn Sahota of Elite Detailing.  Here a super-luxe car wash can take up to 4 weeks, and cost over $10,000.   My guess is that about now you are asking yElite Car Wash England ourselves how this can be.

Sahota’s detailing process begins with a thorough wash down using a pH neutral shampoo and citrus degreaser, with the added assistance of clay bars to remove problem spots.   Next, an electric scanner and impossibly fine sandpaper remove microscopic scratches from the paintjob prior to a sexy Brazilian wax that costs over $12,000 per can.

If the price tag of this luxury car wash was shocking, you may be even more interested to learn that it is operated out of Sahota’s parents’ home outside of Derby, England.  Yes, Sahota has transformed his folks’ garage into a workshop, with a pit and imported Italian tiles.  I must scratch my head at this, as it would seem he could certainly afford to cut the apron strings and leave his parents in peace.  


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