Most Expensive: Top 3 Halloween Costumes

As everyone is gearing up for a ghoulish holiday, Imagine Lifestyles is interested in the most expensive Halloween costumes out there!  Some people see Halloween as a date to pretend, and others see it as a day to spend!  Money that is.

Here are the top 3 most expensive Halloween costumes we have discovered:Star Wars Supreme Edition Boba Fett Costume

1.    Star Wars Supreme Edition Boba Fett- $899.99
2.    DC Comics Collector’s Edition Superman and Batman- $999.99
3.    Ex Mortis Stalkarounds- $1,999.99



Well, that is certainly a lot of 9’s up there, and wearing those costumes would leave you ‘dressed to the 9’s’, as they say.  I had a feeling that ‘Star Wars’ would somehow be involved when I began my search for the most expensive Halloween costume, and I was not let down.  A true-blue Star Wars nerd can feel confident that their money was well spent on the piece, perfect for Star Wars conventions and parties, where they will garner much attention!

Superman Luxury CostumeAnd what kid, or adult kid, has not wanted to be ‘Superman’ or ‘Batman’ at one point in life?  Well, with these pricey pieces, you can feel like the real deal!  Scope out the incredible detail on the biceps, torso and thighs  on Superman!  If they fail to make you feel authentic, you may add a few rounds of vodka tonics to enhance the illusion.  While you are on the spending spree, go ahead and make it Russo Baltique vodka, which sells for a million dollars per bottle. 

Finally, the $1,999 Ex Mortis Stalkarounds.  The stalkarounds are featured in a few horror movies and TV shows, including X-Files, Alien 3 and both Nightmare on Elm Street and the Friday the 13th film series.  It seems owner and operator Wayne Toth is aware of how to profit from the fame, by selling high-priced and high-detaileEx Mortis Custom Vampire Costume d Halloween costumes for the more serious scare types. 

Each costume is up to 8 feet tall, with insane arm expansion.  There are about 16 different stalkarounds available, including the traditional types like the Vampire, Living Dead, Werewolf and others.  Yet for one night per year in this ghostly getup, you could indulge in a luxury car rental of your choice!  Whoever knew holiday costumes could be so expensive!



Imagine Lifestyles wants to know what are some of the priciest Halloween costumes you have seen?  Leave comments below! 






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