The Most Stolen Vehicle: Cadillac Escalade

If you are behind the wheel of a sexy Cadillac Escalade, you should be aware that it is among the most stolen vehicles.  Yes, this luxury SUV is in high demand on both markets-sales and steals.

The most stolen Escalades are the 2007-2009 models; in fact, they are the most frequently stolen vehicles in the United States (according to Highway Loss Data Institute).  Watch your wheels, Snooki!  You don’t want to get blasted anMost Stolen Vehicle Cadillac Escaladed pass out in your Escalade; you may wake up with some unwanted company. 

As a whole, luxury SUVs are always a hot commodity for auto thieves, and account for the highest overall theft losses.  Second on the hot list are oversized pickup trucks.  Want to know what auto type is stolen the least?  That would be two-door mini cars…because well, who the hell wants those anyhow.

For the past 7 years, the Escalade has held the title as the most stolen, thanks to its fame and high resale value. The Escalade EXT is the most stolen Escalade model, a 4-wheel drive with all the bells and whistles.  These SUVs have been popular for a long time, as celebrities and the music industry have fallen for them and the rest of the world has followed suite.

Closing the gap behind the Escalade for most stolen are the Ford F-250 crew pickup, Infiniti G37 luxury car and the Dodge Charger with a Hemi engine.  It looks like the grocery-getters, station wagons and fuel-sippers can heave a collective sigh of relief, as they are unwanted even by their owners.

Among the least stolen vehicles are the Toyota Prius, the Saturn VUE, Volvo S80 luxury car and the tacky Nissan Murano.  You guys can likely relax, too.



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