New Fisker Models to Include Karma, Surf and Atlantic

Fisker Automotive was purchased by Wanxiang of China, and they have aggressive plans for the struggling start-up. The company recently revealed upcoming plans for the badge, including a relaunch of the elite electric Karma, a smaller electric sedan called the Atlantic and a possible Karma wagon called the Surf. What will the new Fisker models be like and will they keep the name?

new Fisker modelsBankrupt Fisker was purchased by Wanxiang of China and a new fleet is rumored to be rolling out over the next 3 years. It will include a new Karma, a sedan and a Karma wagon option.

The next-generation Fisker lineup seems to have all bases covered and the desire to hold true to the heart of the brand, which is electric and hybrid powertrains. Roger Brown is the president currently overseeing the new Fisker division, and he relayed that the Karma will arrive by mid 2015 with the Surf in 2016 and the Karma sedan perhaps by 2017. Wanxiang hired Brown because he is an expert at reviving distressed companies.

new Fisker models

There is no word yet on where operations will take place for the new Fisker automobiles, and no promise that they will even carry on the Fisker name. Brown communicated that the cars are the true heartbeat of the brand, rather than the name Fisker. It is certainly not uncommon for a company to be absorbed by a more successful one and emerge with a new brand identity and name. We have all seen the hit television series “Bar Rescue”, right? The rejuvenation expert of that show, Jon Taffer, has never revamped a restaurant without changing the name, often much to the owner’s chagrin. Overall, it will be fascinating to see what comes next from the proud new parents of the Fisker name.

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