Fire Suppression System Saves Modified 1800 HP Lamborghini

The Lamborghini Gallardo is a powerful slice of heaven even in stock form. The talented minds at Underground Racing make life more interesting by offering the already awesome even more power. Sometimes that thirst for thrust ends badly, but not exactly disastrously…like in the video below of an 1800 HP Lamborghini throwing back some flames.

Watch the Lamborghini Gallardo above stretch out her 1,800 horses and surpass the 200-mile per hour point in under a half a mile. It is at that point that she starts fanning out flames out behind her–though they never fully engulf the supercar. 

The footage shows a tuned Lamborghini Gallardo hitting 207 miles per hour and then shooting flames out. What saved the Lamborghini from a charred and bitter end? Underground racing knows their products generate heat along with all that power, and the modified 1800 HP Lamborghini in the video was saved by a fire suppression system. That is correct, these high-performance tweakers are not amateurs and their preparations saved them from having to replace that Gallardo. Underground Racing will likely do extensive testing on the car to determine what caused the fire in order to eliminate the problem from future vehicles. In the meantime, they have shared an awesome video of not only a drag race between two Lambos, but of fire…which is always captivating.

1800 HP Lamborghini

While the video shows the fire from both Lambo cams, the view from the green car shows it a bit more clearly. (Videos courtesy of Underground Racing). 

The Underground Racing website says they are “Home to the world’s fastest street-legal twin-turbocharged Lamborghinis”. That fine description simply says it all in terms of what these guys get to do for a living. Keep it up, fellas.

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