New Jersey Motorsports Park Track Event Reminder

The exotic car track events at New Jersey Motorsports Park are accelerating along smoothly–so here are a few fast reminders for drivers attending the track days (March 1-4th and 8th-11th). Not attending the exotic driving events this month? No problem, check out our luxury rental cars in New Jersey (and other major U.S. locations) to get inspired for the next round!

NJMP & Imagine Lifestyles track events for March 2012

Imagine Lifestyles exotic rental cars prepping for another awesome day at New Jersey Motorsports Park!

• We will roll RAIN or SHINE. No need to call and verify weather status—we will be at the track and ready for your arrival.
Bring extra cash for on-site offerings like food, photography, videography and the like. Driving a hypercar on a racetrack is a rare experience and you want to ensure that you capture your memories!
Arrive early. If you miss your allotted time slot, you forfeit your drive with no refund. Please be on time (and by on time we mean early) because we definitely do not want to see this happen to anyone!
Bring your friends and family! You are welcomed and encouraged to bring along your entourage to enhance your driving experience.

NJMP & Imagine Lifestyles track events for March 2012

Want to drive a Ferrari on the track? Watch for our next round of supercar driving events!

Lamborghini rental New Jersey

Or perhaps you are more of a Lamborghini fan…no worries—we have that covered, too!

Remember, rain or shine! We will see all of you at the racetrack!




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