Brakes Put on New Porsche 550 Project

It is official, though unpleasant: CEO Matthias Mueller has announced that there are no plans for a new Porsche 550. Mueller said that any plans for a new version of its vintage Porsche 550 sports car will be slipped back “into the desk” for the present time, which is better than tossing the idea into the trash. Want to drive a Porsche 550? Sign up for our 1-hour vintage driving experience (currently available in New Jersey only).

Porsche 550

Porsche will not be building a new 550 at this time

The original Porsche 550 was produced in the 1950s. The low-slung sportster debuted with its top off and was instantly embraced by both celebrities and the racing world alike. The bold little sportster effortlessly mixed aggression with glamour, catapulting it to the top of its game during old-world Hollywood.

new Porsche 550

Great day at the track! 

Previously, Mueller had mentioned the possibility of a new 550 and seemed a bit excited by it. The bad news came prior to the LA Auto Show, when he admitted defeat by concluding that producing a less expensive 550 right now was a high risk to the brand. While it is unfortunate, it does not mean that the marquee will never revisit its classic racer.

Porsche 550

Silver is a very popular shade for this model 

The Porsche Macan SUV has been spied testing, and plans are still on the table for a possible sport turismo. The sport turismo could be a wagon version of the Porsche Panamera sedan. There will also be possible plug-in versions of the Panamera emerging sometime next year…but no vintage dream revisited.

James Dean Porsche 550

James Dean’s famous Porsche was a 550 spyder.

Porsche 550

Porsche is controlled by the massive Volkswagen AG and expects record sales for 2012

Porsche 550 spyder

Stay tuned! 

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