New Porsche Hybrid 918 Spyder Is Coming

 Porsche Announces Production Plans for Hybrid 918 Spyder

Want to own Porsche’s most expensive car ever built and feel like you are helping the environment at the same time?  If so, better have some connections within Porsche to get your name on the waiting list as soon as possible.  Originally just a concept car, executives at Porsche agreed to put the car into production if at least 1,000 people signed declarations of interest to purchase.  Luckily for all car lovers, over 2,000 people signed up and now all we can do is wait. 

With an insanely impressive 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 198, it might be hard to convince your friends that your new baby is truly a hybrid.  However, the car will be powered by a combination of an engine and an electric motor.  The V8 engine will do most of the dirty work, but the pair of electric motors will put out an impressive 200bhp with the engine carrying the remaining 500bhp.  The car will be able to travel up to 16 miles on battery power alone and will use roughly five gallons of gas per 100 miles driven.  

Still think hybrid cars are for hippies and soccer moms?  All of us at Imagine Lifestyles seem to think Porsche might slowly be changing our perceptions of hybrids altogether with their latest creation.  Although the 918 will essentially be replacing the infamous Carrera GT, we think in this case that change is good.  Since you cannot drive the new 918 just yet, contact us today to rent one of our exotic rental cars before summer comes to an end.  We have an impressive collection of Porsches that are just waiting to be appreciated by new clients.  

Hopefully we will have this new porsche in our fleet of Chicago exotic car rentals and Miami Luxury rental cars.


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