New Super Bowl Champion to be Crowned in 2010-Just 12 Teams Remain

Steelers Not Returning to Super Bowl The Super Bowl party in Miami may still have representation from the good football fans of Pittsburgh who may come down for the annual party that surrounds the NFL’s championship game, but their beloved Steelers will not be back to defend their crown.  Tough break guys.

The NFL playoff picture and the chase for Super Bowl XLIV was cleared up on the first weekend of the new year, and the Steelers will not be attending the post-season party.

The favorites still have to be the Indianapolis Colts, who, knowing they were in and having home field all through the playoffs, folded their tent over the final two games and rested their key players. Same goes for the New Orleans Saints, who tore through all opposition for three months, then faltered a bit as the regular season closed, but have rested their stars ahead of the playoffs.

Perennial contenders like the New England Patriots, the Philadelphia Eagles, the San Diego Chargers, and the Minnesota Vikings, led by 40-year old quarterback, Brett Favre, are also among those who remain in the chase for a trip to Miami.

Fans in a handful of cities will be waiting another couple of weeks to see if their team make it to the big game, so they can book their flights to South Florida and make upscale arrangements for a few days of sun, fun and good ole’ American football. 

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