The Most Expensive Exotic Car Crash-Ever

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO We at Imagine Lifestyles wince whenever we read about an exotic car being crashed, totaled, mangled or otherwise destroyed, but when we read about this Ferrari 250 GTO crash that totaled an unbelievable $28,500,000 in damage, we truly felt for the guy.

To paint a vivid picture for our fans, $28,500,000 could buy you 14 Enzo Ferraris.  It could buy you 28 million dollar cars.  It could buy you happiness. 

This is the most expensive exotic car crash we have heard of, if not ever.  The 1962-64 Ferrari 250 GTO became the most valuable car in the world, as it successfully embodies the traits of the Marque. 

Back to the saga at hand, an anonymous English buyer sprung the cool $28 million for the timeless Ferrari treasure at an auction; apparently he should have also sprung for professional driving lessons.  As the story goes, the owner had attended a track event in his new toy, and suffered the tragic lapse of judgment to then drive the exotic home, thus ramming it into the back of another vehicle when traffic ahead of him slowed.  Oh buddy, they are called “brakes”, and we feel confident that they came with the car.  Want to feel the luxury for yourself?  Get behind the wheel of our new Ferrari F430 rental…we have excellent brakes.

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