Next Gen Audi R8 Rendering Steps Up the Sexy

The Audi R8 transformed the way the racier masses view the brand. With its signature grille and speed on steroids, it quickly catapulted into the fold with its best-loved competitors. Because sexy can always be improved upon, the next gen Audi R8 could get even hotter to handle.

Next gen Audi R8

The world awaits the official unveil of the second generation Audi R8 sports car. It will offer both the V8 and V10 engine options again this round, but could sport a slightly sexier appearance and more aggressive performance specifications. 

The Audi design DNA runs deep in all of their offspring, and the second generation R8 shall be no different. Like with any next-version, the Audi R8 will likely drop some weight in favor of a power increase and get some updated styling cues to show off curbside. Lucky for us, talented designer Marco Van Overbeeke has penned out what the actual beast may look like beneath all that camo.

Next gen Audi R8

Will the next gen Audi R8 lose weight to feel great? 

The Audi R8 adopts that long wheelbase and wheel stance from it’s famous sister model, the Lamborghini Huracan. The two exotic sports cars also share the very same sport platform (MSS). The new Audi R8 will be packing the same naturally-aspirated V8 and V10 engine offerings from her predecessor, though performance will be improved along with fuel economy through various engineering tweaks.

Next gen Audi R8

There result could be an even edgier (literally) R8 with slicker LED lighting all around. Like the latest Audi TT series, the R8 dash may feature a modern monitor in the instrument cluster. This feature would be at its best in touchscreen form, though exact details are not known.

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