Next-Gen Range Rover Spied Winter Testing

Range Rover Spied Testing

Land Rover’s upscale Range Rover brand has been caught in the act…of winter testing!  Yes, the top-of-the-line Range Rover marquee has been busy ripping and slipping it up on some snow, could it be something to get excited about?  Will there soon be another off-roading, show-stopping stunner of a Range Rover rental to enjoy?  We shall see!

What is likely a prototype in its early stages has been spied testing, wearing the body of the current model with tacked-on wheelwell flares.  Land Rover Range Rover is a brand known for not just good looks and luxury SUV rentals, but for their superior off-roading capabilities.  Range Rover is also a brand that is brimming with luxury features and amenities.  I assume the next-gen Range Rover lineup will continue off the beaten path.


Range Rover Concept

One thing seems to be a must for the next Range Rover, it will likely boast improved fuel economy in the face of increasingly stringent guidelines across the globe.  Yes, even luxury SUVs and exotic cars are in the early stages of going green, with more advancements being made constantly.  For Range Rover, whether you select a base 5.0-liter V8 with 375 horses or a supercharged producing 510, EPA is 12/18 mpg for the 2011 model year.

I expect to see a hybrid Range Rover in the near future, on the heels of the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid.  What would you like to see in the next generation of Land Rover Range Rover?  Comment below.




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