NYC Apartment Fetches $88 Million

A property on Central Park West in Manhattan can now claim to be the most expensive property in New York, selling for the astonishing sum of $88 million USD! No, it was not sold to Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker…this luxury property was purchased by the family of a Russian billionaire and boasts a wrap-around terrace, among other rare New York amenities!

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Property in New York is among the most expensive

The seller, Sanford Weill of Citygroup Inc. was likely spending the money in his head during the transaction! I recommend trying out our entire fleet of New York exotic rental cars until he decides which ones he wants to own!

Ferrari California rental in New York

Ferrari California rental in New York

Weill reportedly stated that he intends to donate the proceeds of the sale to charity, which remains to be seen. The sale generated about $2.5 million in city and state taxes, and a hefty $3.5 million dollar broker’s commission.

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If you think that $88 million is a bit high, read up on the London loft that nabbed $220 million! After that you can sail through our inventory of awesome exotic car rentals and more!

$88 Million Dollar NY Condo


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