Our New Ferrari F430 and Available Ferrari Color Options

Ferrari F430 Spider exotic rental carRed Ferrari F430 Spider 2006


We are so pumped about the arrival of our new Ferrari F430 Spyder, birth certificate and all. Every step of the design process was amazing, from deciding on a model down to selecting a color-which we can assure you is no easy task! 

We opted for red, with a tan leather interior to set it off.  Ferrari offers a variety of colors for its elite luxury cars, though it is entirely possible for new owners to immediately seek out a custom paint job to match their favorite shirt.  The list pictured will allow you to see the official colors offered by Ferrari.

Our F430 features an F1 engine (see photos) derived from a shared Ferrari/Maseratti concept.  This new power plant is unique to the F430 line.  Engine output specs are: 483 horsepower at 8500 rps and 343 lb-ft of torque at 5250 rpms.  The top speed tips the odometer at about 196 miles per hour…which unfortunately is illegal on A1A.

Some owners try to identify vintage Ferrari paint colors to mimic them, a feat that often proves elusive.  A great many colors were named after the great European racehorses of the day, which makes sense for Ferrari.  Some of the names include Le Sancy, Hyperion, Nijinsky, Nashrullah, Sir Ivor, Rubino, Nearco, Molvedo, and more, which makes it apparent why tracking after a long period could prove troublesome.


Here are some other great shots of our new car:

2006 Red Ferrari F430 Spider

Side view Red Ferrari F430 Spider

F1 Engine Ferrari F430 Spider

Backside Red Ferrari F430 Spider

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