Pace Too Hot For Racing Exotic Race Cars

It seems that even Formula 1 drivers can get distracted from the track sometimes. After all, at the end of the day, the best drivers are still human. Last weekend the Formula 1 drivers at the Monaco Grand Prix got a larger-than-life distraction. The Martini company, respected for its vermouth and as an Italian wine maker since 1863 had to pull its their marketing campaign from Grand Prix. The reason being that feature campaign model, Jessiqa Pace, was taking driver’s. The California born, America model was proving to be too much for Formula 1.  During a qualifying round driver Lewis Hamilton actually crashed right by the Martini billboard.

Being picture perfect has its cons, drivers complained that they couldn’t concentrate and ultimately the billboard was taken down. "All the attention is overwhelming," Jessiqa told the London Daily Star. "I find it really funny. Obviously it’s very flattering that I’m distracting the drivers so much, but I’d feel terrible if someone got hurt." Somebody almost did get hurt but we don’t blame you Jessiqa, you go girl. We bet Martini is overjoyed with your work. The moral of the story, Pace is just too hot for the race! Oh, and men will be men.