WTH: Pagani Zonda Models Can Be Resurrected for the Rich

Not long ago supercar brand Pagani announced the end to the Zonda line. The company made a rather big production of sending it off in style with a final ‘Zonda Revolucion’ model, commanding top dollar for one of the 5 units. Now it seems that they have changed gears on the subject, and those with deep pockets will still have the opportunity to purchase the next versions, the Pagani Zonda 760 X or 760 LM cars.

Pagani ZondaThe Pagani Zonda returns with new 760 X and 760 LM cars after dramatic ‘end’ to the Zonda model not long ago. The powder blue is a nice hue for the lady.

The Pagani Zonda 760 offerings at a glance:

  • These Zonda cars will be built by order, and are said to be the most extreme street-legal Pagani Zonda versions available. It is not clear if they are upgraded versions of previous powertrains or new animals. Is it a 7.3-liter AMG V12? Perhaps.
  • The horsepower is easy to pin down–it is 760 for both the X and LM versions.
  • The Pagani Zonda 760 LM gets its name from Le Mans. It pays homage to the company’s Le Man’s prototype racecars. It boasts a signature rear wing and the front has extended wheel arches and an aerodynamic thirsty face.

Pagani ZondaThe Pagani Zonda Revolucion was thought to be the end of the line for the model. 

It is unclear how much input the buyers will have when ordering these Pagani Zonda cars. They could have all the freedom of the Lamborghini Ad Personam customization program, or only get to select things like color and interior seating. In the end, the important thing is that there are still Zondas available for sale and that the model will live on—at least for now.

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