Paris Hilton’s Baby Bro Hit With $4.9 Million DUI

Keeping it in the family, or following his big sister’s lead, Barron Hilton has been ordered by LA Superior Court to pay $4.9 million in a civil suit related to a DUI charge! It seems Barron did not get off as easy as Paris usually does…maybe if he had tried the duck face…or showcased his junk publicly a few dozen times.  Follow link for the Top 20 horrible Paris Hilton Photos when you finish this blog!

Barron Hilton mugshot

Barron Hilton’s flattering mug shot

Paris Hilton mug shot

Big sis Paris made headlines with her mug shot, too!

The incident occurred in 2008, when Barron drove the wrong way down the Pacific Coast Highway for miles, before pulling into a Malibu gas station and striking attendant Fernando Tellez. Perhaps he practiced driving with Nicole Richie, who drove the wrong way down the Ventura freeway, eventually parking in the carpool lane…under the influence.

Nicole Richie mug shot

Nicole Richie mug shot

Barron was with girlfriend Sky Peters, daughter of Jon Peters, producer of "Superman Returns".  Rumors are circulating that earlier that evening Sky had hit another vehicle while driving the Mercedes luxury SUV in question.  Sigh. Barron, are you really attempting to toss your girlfriend under the bus?

Barron & Paris Hilton

Barron & Paris Hilton

According to Tellez’s attorney, Joseph M. Kar, Hilton denied he had driven the car and claimed amnesia.  Hilton also claimed that he did not operate the vehicle at any time, contrary to witness statements.

The July 7 judgment requires Hilton to shell out $4.6 million for Tellez’s pain and suffering, medical expenses, and loss of earnings, plus $225,000 in punitive damages and close to $71,000 in interest. I am confident mum and dad have that laying around!


*Update:  Mr. Hilton gifted Barron a 2010 Mercedes E550 coupe to reward him for getting his license back…within an hour of delivery, Barron was behind the wheel with Rick riding shotty!  Way to discourage drinking and driving and plowing people over, dad! 

Barron Hilton Mercedes E550

Barron behind the wheel of his new Mercedes E550 coupe

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