Porsche 919 Sold On Ebay Did Not Even Have An Engine

The Porsche 919 is so well-loved that people will spend top dollar to have one…even without an engine. Porsche sold a 919 on Ebay recently for $106k that completely lacked the hybrid engine, but rather, included the appropriate measures to be mounted to a wall.

Porsche 919Is this the little engine that couldn’t even? Not so fast. The Porsche 919 model is such an enormous sensation that people will drop over $100k just to own the shell.

The Porsche 919 body was listed on the popular sales website as a non-functional unit and proceeds went to benefit Singapore’s SportCares Foundation, which is a focused movement using sport as a force for social good. The company describes it in the ad as a 1:1 Model Car chassis, whatever that means. Without a drivetrain, the supercar will make but a splendid art display for some lucky petrol head out there.

The Porsche 919 is a purpose driven vehicle that is absolutely not available on the market. It possesses a hybrid 2.0-liter V4 strapped with some electric acoustics and is only available for use by the official racing teams of Porsche. The specialized system converts some of the 500 horses into electric energy even while braking. Many make the mistake of confusing her with the Porsche 918 spyder, which is not correct.

Porsche 919The racing livery on the wall mount Porsche 919 reads: “Porsche Intelligent Performance”. It could be the world’s most expensive Porsche nightlight, because the lamps are said to function when plugged into a power source. So there is someone out there admiring their 919 art and contemplating which fleet vehicle to take out next, but you can always rent a Porsche from your friends at Imagine Lifestyles for a far less painful sum!

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