Another Porsche is Coming to a Bike Rack Near You

For the avid Porsche lovers out there, now you can purchase the Porsche bicycle to ride around while you wear your Porsche hat and pullover! All jokes aside, the Porsche bicycle will be made available in the following forms: The Porsche Bike RX, Porsche Bike RS and just a standard Porsche Bike. Seriously.

Porsche bicycle

The Porsche Bikes are geared for launch at various locations in sizes small, medium and large. 

The Porsche bike looks like…well…any other bicycle. The $4,500-$8,000 cycle is being marketed as touting traditional Porsche design cues, which I suppose include the logo and some intricate spokes.

About the Porsche Bike models

The Bike RX: This is a mountain bike with a carbon frame. The carbon fiber offers an extremely low weight, making it great for a variety of outdoor adventures. It boasts a DT Swiss air-suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes made by Magura, a German brake specialty company.

The Bike RS: This model is also a carbon fiber frame, tipping the scales at just 9 kilos. It is a 20-gear beast with Magura brakes as well. The differences between the RX and RS seem forgettable.

The Porsche Bike: The plain Bike is a Shimano Alfine 8-speed version and is also equipped with Magura brakes.

Porsche bicycle

All models of the Porsche bicycle have anti-theft

Another feature of the Porsche Bikes is the anti-theft label, applied as standard under the paint on the frame. The label contains a unique code and is intended to deter thieves. Should a theft nevertheless occur, this code can then be used online to report the bike as stolen. Registered bikes can ultimately be checked by anyone online and while on the move simply by using an iPhone app and QR code. Unfortunately, you will need much more than a label to keep one of these bikes secure.

Porsche bicycle

You can also grab the Porsche water bottle for an additional $30.


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