It Was For Sale? The Nürburgring Has Been Sold

The famous Nürburgring racing circuit has just changed hands for the loft sum of €100 million Euros, or roughly $140 million USD. Many were not even aware that the uber-popular track was suffering insolvency. German auto firm Capricorn Group purchased the struggling circuit.


It was strange to read that the Nürburgring had been sold, as I did not know it was for sale. 

The Capricorn Group became the proud new owners of the Nürburgring just over a year after the previous owners filed an insolvency application. While most do not notice when tracks are struggling, there are clearly companies monitoring for bargains! The Capricorn Group negotiated pedal to the metal style and ended up at the finish line with full ownership of the legendary track.


So what does the change in ownership imply for the future of the Nürburgring?

The head of the Capricorn Group is Dr. Robertino Wild. Future plans for the hyper-speed track include an expansion, which is pretty exciting. Not only will it have new owners, it will be even more larger than life with a size increase. Other plans include the closing of the Nürburgring roller coaster, though roller coasters seem to have worked well for the Ferrari World theme park. The coasters of Ferrari World feature miniature Ferrari cars, which is a hit with children and adult children.


Fun fact: Dr. Wild won the 2000 Ferrari Challenge.

While the Nürburgring is an exciting circuit, there is certainly a need for a publicly accessible testing strip with at least 5 miles of straightaway. This would keep top speed records up to date without the politics of who owns what track getting involved. I do not have to point any fingers, you all know what I am speaking of. Perhaps the Nürburgring should add this to their list of things to do if there is room in the surrounding area.


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