Porsche Owner Orders Custom Garage to be House Centerpiece

A Japanese Porsche owner has commissioned a very special garage to house the sports car. The custom garage is the centerpiece of the home, with views of the car available from every angle while inside of the home! I suppose the trendy owner can rest assured that no one is going to sneak into the garage and bust out with the car–unless they have seen ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ too many times.

custom garage

This Osaka townhome was completely designed to encase a glorious garage housing a silver Porsche 911. The car and home merge into one very eccentric and appealing work of art.

The model that sparked the innovation is a 1959 Porsche 911 designed by “Butzi” Porsche himself. The entire home and garage serves as a work of art. It was designed by Kenji Yanagawa Architects to showcase the classic slice of automotive history.

custom garage

It is typical for architects to work very hard to disguise a garage on a luxury home. In this instance, the team of sought-after pros likely put in more effort extracting ideas to integrate it in this manner. They used white for nearly everything, drawing all attention to the silver Porsche centerpiece. The best views of the car are available from the workspace area, as it opens out to the garage. The sharp modern white stairways and angles provide a luxurious feel as guests enjoy views of the car.

custom garage

Dinner party conversation would certainly never fall into a lull at this home. When guests had finished discussing the eclectic remodel of the townhome, there will always be the specs of the Porsche to pour over!

custom garage

It appears quite normal from the exterior

Japanese custom garage

The steel frame home was designed to withstand the elements, including earthquakes and strong winds. The Porsche will be well preserved here! 


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