Nissan Juke R is No Joke! Watch it Drag Race a Bugatti Veyron

The following drag clip depicts a stock Bugatti Veyron pitted against the Nissan Juke R. The Juke R was fitted with high-performance aftermarket enhancements to generate an output of 700 horses over the standard 545. Watch the clip before you continue reading!

Bugatti Veyron Vs. Nissan? What is going on with this odd drag race and who has more information?

The Nissan Juke R appears to dominate the drag strip in the beginning, and the Bugatti ends up winning the race. Has the video been altered in some way? While the Juke R should never beat a Veyron, it appears that the Juke R crosses the finish line first. What is going on with this clip? Could a Nissan Juke R ever beat a Veyron off the jump? The world is now a very confusing place.

Nissan Juke RThe Bugatti Veyron Super Sport remains the fastest production car on the planet. That does not downplay the power of a stock Veyron, however, which is still mind-numbingly fast!

The Nissan Juke R is the sort-of follow-up to the GT-R. It is not exactly in production, however, as it is being built on a per-order basis at $600,000 a pop. It is only a handful of buyers that are willing to drop that kind of dough on an exotic sports car with the Nissan badge. Let’s face it—for that kind of investment, one could acquire a collector car from a more distinguished name badge like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and more. There are still some sports car fans that prefer the thrill of the new, and so the Juke R may enjoy a small but exhilarating run in history.

Nissan Juke R

The Nissan Juke R is quite bubbly in the body. It cannot seem to decide if it wants to be an SUV or a hot hatch, and the ride height is pretty up there for a supercar. Anything with ample horses and aggression is ok by me, however.

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