Just a Range Rover Convertible Rolling Around Dubai

Just when you think you have seen it all, an automobile leaves you speechless. Check out this Range Rover convertible spotted in Dubai. It is understandable that one would wish to drop the top in Dubai, as it is scorching hot, but this is clearly a devoted Range Rover client and nothing else would do!

This Range Rover convertible was tweaked to suit the needs of its Dubai owner. What do you think of the beast with its top removed?

Range Rover convertible

Only the best exotic vehicles occupy the streets of Dubai, so this is actually a Range Rover supercharged. While there are plenty of images out there for Range Rover convertible concepts, this guy apparently could not hold his horses and wait it out, opting for an aftermarket conversion. Newport Convertible Engineering, with the Range Rover being among their specialties, did the conversion. They removed the roof of the sporty SUV with the door frames intact, did away with the C and D pillars and the glass around the boot. A brace was placed between B pillars for added strength and, of course, a convertible top. Range Rover Evoque convertible concept

The Range Rover Evoque convertible concept has been around for a while. Rumors have gone back and forth regarding whether the Evoque convertible will actually hit production, but it does not actually look awful. 

Range Rover convertible

The Newport Convertible Engineering Range Rover option offers a power operated roof and tiny rear window. The convertible conversion option is offered in a handful of Land Rover dealerships around the world and clearly has a bit of traction in the market. It can be thought of as a more powerful and prestigious Jeep that detests the thought of getting dirty off-roading.

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