The Land Rover Infotainment System Isn’t Terrible

There are plenty of infotainment systems out there for a variety of automobiles. Some are user-friendly, operating with relative ease, and some are a jumbled nightmare of unkept promises. The Land Rover infotainment system isn’t terrible, and downloads onto Apple or Android. Land Rover’s InControl apps system has been in development for some time, and is poised to be as large and powerful as the luxury SUVs it enhances.

Land Rover infotainment systemThe idea of the automobile merging with the smartphone to create a science fiction rolling film is pretty awesome—and it is beginning to happen. As the disconnect between cars and devices continues to grow smaller, the unexpected perks grow.

How the Land Rover InControl apps system works:

  • The companion app must be downloaded onto a device. It works the same with both iPhone or Android, so do not fear.
  • Once the device is plugged into the USB port of the vehicle, it becomes useless as a handset and functions as the beating heart for the beast.
  • All compatible apps will appear on the display screen for users to download if they choose.
  • There is no struggle to use the apps–it is the same as using them on the device.
  • Calls are easy to make and playlists of music can be accessed for the drive, which is nice.
  • A special partner app can read aloud to the driver and another is there to ensure drivers can attend conference calls from the road. This is a fantastic way to avoid missing important emails and business during long commutes or business trips.

Land Rover infotainment systemOverall, the Land Rover infotainment system is off to a galloping start. Is it completely flawless? No. Is it simple to use and able to deliver the important stuff? Absolutely.

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals