Special Edition Range Rover Evoque SW1 Rolls Out on Sassy Rims

The special edition Range Rover Evoque SW1 is sporty yet adorable–especially perched on those rather feminine rims. Did Posh Spice have anything to do with this one? She did have a hand in the overall look and feel of the Evoque, after all! The SW1 is part of a unique “Inspired by Britain” series, in case that Union flag did not make that quite obvious. Range Rover Evoque SW1The Range Rover Evoque SW1 is a special version of the Evoque. It is due to make the official debut at the 2014 Paris Auto Show next month.

The brilliant fire engine red (The official name is Firenze Red) looks fabulous on the Range Rover Evoque SW1, especially when hit with all those white highlights. Other color offerings for this model include Fuji White, Loire Blue, Santorini Black or Corris Grey. The color options were specifically selected to bring out the Union flag accents, which would look somewhat hideous on say, a lime green body. The model is available in full color or monochrome.

Range Rover Evoque SW1Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque

As humor would have it, this special edition Range Rover inspired by Britain will not be available in the UK. It is not clear if that is permanent or temporary, but it is undeniably funny. Land Rover chief of design Gerry McGovern stated: “These special editions are a celebration of our Britishness. Evoque is designed and engineered in Britain and we know what resonates with our global consumers.”

Range Rover EvoqueThe interior of the Evoque SW1 is as gorgeous as the exterior, draped in fine leather and tastefully adorned with accents. 

Range Rover EvoqueUnion Flag graphics appear on the rear spoiler and wing mirrors of the Range Rover Evoque SW1. 

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