Will Land Rover Create Something Smaller than the Range Rover Evoque?

Will Land Rover be offering something even smaller than the exquisite Range Rover Evoque? It seems that they may be focusing in on something daintier to compete with the smallest of the small, as in one step above a sedan. Think in terms of the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3-both showing that some buyers desire that size range. Because the Range Rover Evoque is the 3rd best-selling SUV in its class, it is entirely feasible that a more diminutive sibling would be welcomed with open wallets.

Range Rover EvoqueThe Evoque set the styling standard for the entire line—with newer models adopting many of the cues.

The luxury SUV market is becoming more and more crowded these days, as companies are busy trying to outmaneuver competition. It truly was not long ago that the SUV market pretty much flat lined, but today the only concern for companies is having enough options to attract today’s buyers in the burgeoning market. That is because the SUV has made the most versatile and healthy comeback in automotive history thanks to futuristic powertrains and all of those amazing new gadgets. The inside of a Range Rover or other luxury SUV is something incredible to behold—from high-end leather seating to elegant trim and seamless infotainment features. Even a small Range Rover SUV could accommodate all of the cabin and performance expectation…will they ever end up entering the sedan or coupe arenas? It is certainly an amusing thought!

Range Rover EvoqueIf it is operations go on the mission, it should be a mini Evoque convertible, perhaps?

With many huge automotive shows coming up just around the corner, it will be interesting to see if Land Rover is going to go big or show off a new style of subcompact SUV. They will continue with their large and robust offerings without a doubt, it will be the little guy people are looking for this year!

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