Will Land Rover Create Something Smaller than the Range Rover Evoque?

Range Rover Evoque

Will Land Rover be offering something even smaller than the exquisite Range Rover Evoque? It seems that they may be focusing in on something daintier to compete with the smallest of the small, as in one step above a sedan. Think in terms of the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3-both showing that some buyers desire that size range. Because the Range Rover Evoque is the 3rd best-selling SUV in its class, it is entirely feasible that a more diminutive sibling would be welcomed with open wallets.

The Evoque set the styling standard for the entire line—with newer models adopting many of the cues. read more

Should They Make A Range Rover Evoque SVR?

Range Rover Evoque SVR

Almost since the inception of the svelte little number that is the Range Rover Evoque there have been conversations sparking about a more potent version. Now that it is past the mid-cycle update, will there be a Range Rover Evoque SVR?

The only thing better than a Range Rover Evoque SVR would be a convertible SVR..

The Range Rover Evoque practically sells itself, which is an overused statement yet is quite true in her case. That said, the main claim to fame for the Evoque is her appearance, leaving ample room for performance upgrades. While the Evoque is every inch the impressive luxury SUV one would expect from the Land Rover brand, would a more aggressive SVR version be welcomed to the competitive market? Most would not hesitate to nod yes to that question. So will there be a flashy and faster new Evoque SVR wearing sexy SVR performance badges in the near future? According to some sources, the new offering could already be in the works. read more