The Most Expensive: Range Rover Holland & Holland Edition is Loaded

Pricing in at $100k over the Range Rover Autobiography Black, the Range Rover Holland & Holland is the most expensive SUV produced by the brand thus far! Just how painful is the pricing? That would be approximately $285k for this fine lady, please.

Range Rover Holland & HollandThe Range Rover Holland & Holland edition comes fully loaded, and the price is aimed at the high-rollers.

The Range Rover Holland & Holland is an interesting collaboration between the Land Rover SVO (Special vehicle operation) and renowned gun gurus Holland & Holland. The special edition fleet will not come with a piece, but there will be a nifty carbon fiber and aluminum gun rack option. Holland & Holland firearms are expensive, with pieces ranging from $45k-$275k. That means this Range Rover is just $10k more than the company’s most expensive gun.

Range Rover Holland & Holland

The Holland & Holland Range Rover at a glance:

  • Only about 40 of these will be produced over the next three years.
  • The leather will be supple, even softer than the usual fare.
  • The leather will be accented with insane woodwork. The wood used shall be carved from a single piece of walnut. In efforts to resemble the company’s rifles, the walnut will be finished with special oil.
  • Those riding in the back are tucked into executive style reclining seats with retractable tray tables finished in the same gorgeous walnut. To stave off boredom, there are two oversized infotainment screens in the rear.
  • Engine options include the following: Standard diesel engine to please the UK, Jaguar Land Rover supercharged V8 with 500 horses, and something tamer in between the two.

Range Rover Holland & Holland

Range Rover Holland & Holland rich interior.

Range Rover Holland & Holland

The Range Rover Holland & Holland is finished off with special embroidery, logos and engravings throughout to announce the model. Overall, you could say Holland & Holland broke out the big guns for this swanky project!

Range Rover Holland & Holland

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