Why Isn’t the Lamborghini Ankonian Concept Being Built?

What do you get when you fuse a Batmobile with the best Lamborghini has to offer? This insane exotic car concept looks like it could transform into a fighter jet and rocket directly off of the road. The Lamborghini Ankonian concept brings to life a fantasy, so why is it not being built?

Lamborghini Ankonian concept

When it comes to creating lust worthy sports cars that are tantalizing from every angle, it is a challenge to top Lamborghini. Perhaps that is why the Raging Bull inspired Macedonian designer Slavche Tanevsky to draw the Ankonian concept. The Lamborghini Ankonian concept was a student project drafted by Tanevsky during his days at Munich University of Applied Sciences. What makes Tanevsky a standout student is that he was fortunate enough to have input from both Lamborghini and Audi while dreaming up his concept—a luxury students would offer a limb to obtain.

Lamborghini Ankonian concept

Even the name, Ankonian, is derived from a raging bull. The Ankonian is a fighting bull known for its jet-black hair, much like the sinister dark appearance of the Lamborghini concept.

Lamborghini Ankonian conceptThe Lamborghini Ankonian concept potential at a glance:

  • The extreme angles of this automobile make it impossible to ignore.
  • It would boast a mid-engine layout nestled inside that aggressive curvature.
  • While it may appear more complicated than a Rubik’s cube, the lines actually flow rather fluidly—connecting in all the right places for visual appeal as well as aerodynamics.

Imagine this severe Lamborghini concept unleashed with at least 700 horses, which would be on the level of the Lamborghini Aventador. It would be the dawn of a new era, and with every likelihood claim a spot on the big screen on its path toward making automotive history more interesting.

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