LaFerrari and Bugatti Veyron Get Royal Treatment from Topaz Detailing

How do you properly wash a $2.7 million dollar hypercar like the LaFerrari or a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse? It seems the solution to meticulously cleaning exotic cars in the UK is Topaz Detailing. Recently, the detailing service  revived a LaFerrari with a $15k car wash and the Bugatti with a rather pricy specialized wax.

Topaz Detailing: it is where you get that million-dollar sparkle. Ok, so it is just a few grand, but the results leave clients speechless.

Back up, was that a $15,000 car wash? That would be correct! Topaz Detailing specializes in washing exotic and luxury cars to a scientific degree. Their processes are state of the art and the results reflect that. Let’s take a deeper look at Topaz Detailing’s process.

Topaz Detailing

Why Topaz Detailing is so expensive:

  • Though the company had humble beginnings, they have evolved into an automotive cleaning institution. They use an ultrasonic depth measuring device to determine the depth of each layer of paint! They can see the layers of primer, paint and lacquer via a laptop and perform accordingly. Any existing scratches do not stand a chance.
  • This process allows the company to determine where to use its products without damaging the car’s coat. They use electronic buffing techniques for paint correction and only top grade supplies.
  • A single treatment can take up to 60 man hours and cost anywhere from $3,000 and up, depending on package.
  • The clients are the cars, and they exit in not just improved, but possibly new condition.

Topaz Detailing

The chaps at Top Gear, are also in the UK, mentioned the specialty company and their pricing recently. If the owner were to wash it weekly for that rate, it would add up to a staggering $780k a year! Overall, the company has dealerships and others captivated at their prowess with detailing, and will continue to promote their spotless vision turned reality.

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