Rare Glimpse Inside Aston Martin Factory—Where the Magic Begins!

Lurking in Gaydon, England is a 007-style treat, the Aston Martin’s factory! While there are no secret agents jamming out to Bond theme songs whilst they manufacture luxury cars, it is a clean and streamlined factory that is obviously focused on perfecting the art of producing the flawless exotic car. This is where our Aston Martin rentals are born!

Aston Martin factory

As you can see from the photos, this is no ordinary factory. The Aston Martin factory is extremely organized for the tasks at hand.

Fast facts on the Aston factory:
•    The plant produces 6500-7000 gleaming Aston Martin vehicles annually
•    The factory sprawls over 137,795 feet
•    Each vehicle consumes approximately 200 man hours from start to finish
•    50 hours is dedicated per vehicle to the luxury trim alone
•    50 hours are dedicated to the paint job of each Aston (the remaining 100 hours are spent on the engine and staring at the awesomeness on the assembly line. End sarcasm)
•    Each vehicle is sanded with a hand-held orbital sander, first blasted with 400 grade, then 1000 grade for a perfect finish
•    Aston offers 20 stock color options, though customers can always bring in a desired color to be matched, just like Home Depot

Aston Martin factory

Touring a luxury car factory would be a much better field trip than hitting up the museum…

Aston Martin factory

Aston Martin, A-Z

Aston Martin factory

Creating an Aston Martin

Aston Martin

The tiny Aston Martin Cygnet…the most unique of the family!






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