WTH: Bizarre Range Rover Redesigned to Live Inside!

This is a bizarre exotic car story indeed…but leave it to recently deceased English media mogul Sir Jimmy Savile to make headlines posthumously! It seems that the English television personality/disc jockey/presenter had a special Range Rover renovation done, allowing it to actually be lived in, and is about to hit the luxury car auction block in February.

Jimmy Savile Range Rover

Sir Jimmy Savile’s strange set of wheels

Savile’s 1978 Range Rover Classic was converted by a company called ‘Searle of Sunbury on Thames’, which was later named ‘Carawagon International’ and features a sink and double bed. The company specializes in Land Rover conversions, while Savile specialized in reality conversions and overall quirkiness…I suppose you could say it was a perfect fit! Speaking of fit, the double bed was squeezed behind the front seats, the sink is essentially the center console, and there are even rear windows with curtains to complete the homey effect.

Custom Range Rover Savile

Rather than a traditional tour bus, Savile simply lived in his custom Range Rover when he traveled in the 1980s for his various charitable causes.

The auction is to be held at Mercedes-Benz World Brooklands. Don’t miss our fleet of Range Rover rentals and other top brands on your way out! Sorry, no hotel-style Rovers available, you will need to reserve a luxury property rental on the side!

Range Rover Savile

Custom Range Rover

Jimmy Saville

The eccentric Savile




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