Red Bull to Beef Up Lotus Racing in 2011

In racing news, it has just been announced that Red Bull Technology will supply Lotus Racing with its gearbox and hydraulic systems for the start of the 2011 racing season.  Yes, despite its dramatically short racing history, Red Bull has proven itself worthy of supplying power to the Lotus Racing Team.Lotus F1 Racing

To cover the brief history of Red Bull Racing, it is one of two Formula One teams owned by Austrian beverage company “Red Bull”, which hit the world by storm with its induction a few years back (the other team is Scuderia Toro Rosso).   Red Bull Racing was born in September of 2004, when the Jaguar Racing Formula One constructor and racing team was put up for sale by then-owner Ford Motor Company.  Ford Motor Company claimed it could “no longer make a compelling business case for any of its brands to compete in the F1”.  Toyota recently made the same hard decision with its Toyota F1 Racing Team because of the hard impact the economic crisis has had on the automotive industry.

On the final day of the sale, Red Bull acquired the struggling team in an agreement with Ford Motor Company that it would purchase it for $1 USD, and commit to invest $400 million in the team over the next 3 grand prix seasons.  I think it is safe to assume that Ford Motor Company had a great deal of heart invested in its F1 Racing team.

The gearbox and hydraulics packages that will be supplied to Lotus Racing from Red Bull will play a significant role in the overall performance of the racecars both in terms of track capabilities, design and packaging.  Both luxury companies are thrilled about the arrangement, though it remains to be seen if Red Bull can give Lotus wings.

Red Bull Racing




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