Thank you Christopher Columbus: Regatta Weekend in Miami

The Columbus Day Regatta is next weekend ya’ll!  On October 11th & 12th one of the oldest Miami/ Biscayne Bay traditions will happen for the 54th year in a row. While some marine enthusiasts set sail intent on watching racing events that honor Christopher Columbus’ voyage to America, the majority find Regatta just another way to party. Each year the yachts get bigger, the crowds more brilliant and the parties bolder. Picture Mardi Gras on clear bay water and epic boats. Topless women, drinking and drugs galore, and sorts of wicked debauchery, oh my. Regatta is slightly more refined, if you consider the fact that we are partying on million dollar luxury yachts and not Bourbon Street.  For the latter majority of party seekers, Regatta weekend is all about a race to outdo thy neighbor.  Last year we played on a Sunseeker Predator 82- foot motoryacht but even with a $5 million dollar boat we were lost amongst the crowd.  If you’ve done Regatta weekend you fully understand the gist, if you haven’t we suggest you get on it. Many people fly in just for the weekend and the insane 48 hour party marathon that is Columbus Day Regatta.