Reserving a Parking Spot—There’s an App for That

Parking in Motion App

Parking in Motion App Map

While hunting can be exhilarating and manly, the thrill of the hunt does not extend to locating parking spots.  Scouring block after populated block in major cities can raise your blood pressure, and your likelihood to arrive at the event in asshole form…not a good idea.  Meet Parking in Motion, a clever application that can ensure your timely entrance and jovial mood this evening! 

If you are not exactly behind the wheel of your favorite exotic rental car Miami with an attentive valet, Parking in Motion allows you to access a map of area parking garages from your smartphone.  Users of this parking application may then select a spot and even pay for it from a cell to ensure said garage does not fill up prior to arrival.  While the garage will not roll out any red carpet, you will feel cooler than the chumps circling the block long after your arrival.


Parking in Motion app

Parking spots have already their elusive status in LA, San Francisco, Chicago and a few dozen U.S. airports, with more than 1,000 parking garages set to link up with Parking in Motion this year.  I am sure this is going to make alot of people who indulge in Los Angeles exotic rental cars very happy.  Sidewalk spaces may be monitored and available soon, though it can’t assist you with dreaded parallel parking maneuvers.

Parking in Motion


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