Rolls-Royce Canton Glory Ghost Editions

With a production run of just two vehicles, the Rolls-Royce Canton Glory Ghost is a special edition indeed. The creation was revealed at the Guangzhou Motor Show in China, where the British luxury auto brand is enjoying much success.

Rolls-Royce Canton Glory Ghost

The odds of getting your hands on a Rolls-Royce Canton Glory Ghost are not good, as just two examples will be created. They will likely remain in China, and could already be spoken for.

The twins are named for the Canton Tower in Guangzhau. They feature an attractive two-tone exterior with possible color combinations of white, silver or deep burgundy. According to Rolls-Royce, the Canton Glory cars capture the style, elegance and personality of south China’s urbane heart.

Rolls-Royce Canton Glory Ghost

Two-tone color schemes bring something special out in a Rolls-Royce. Not to undermine the solids, the dual impact is simply greater.

Rolls-Royce is celebrating its 10th anniversary of business in China, so the set of special edition cars is a nice touch. The marquee has also started a new customization business for the region, called ‘Bespoke Atelier’.

Rolls-Royce Canton Glory Ghost

While the outside of the Rolls-Royce Canton Glory Ghost cars stick to the mold, the cabins have been laden with special features to announce the model. Inside is a Five Rams emblem emblazoned on the sumptuous leather seating, modern amenities and technologies and the creature comforts we all love from the grand touring luxury liner. Yes, I said liner…Rolls-Royce automobiles are enormous and feel like one.

Rolls-Royce Canton Glory Ghost

Power for these special edition Rolls-Royce models stems from a potent 6.6-liter V12 engine. Pricing has not been released, not that it really matters…you are not getting one.

Rolls-Royce Canton Glory Ghost

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