Why So Many Russian Car Crashes Are Caught On Camera!

YouTube is bursting with unbelievable auto clips, particularly a surge of Russian car crashes and popular scams. The reason why there are more of these types of videos hailing from Russia is quite simple: It has become common for drivers to keep dash cams in their vehicles due to corrupt traffic police and a plethora of scammers looking for a quick buck!  The chances of being targeted for fraud increase when driving an exotic car like a Maserati or even a Mercedes.

Russian dash cams

It can be dangerous to drive and even to pull over after an accident in Russia. Drivers must contend with others attacking them and corrupt officials on a regular basis. The solution has become dash cams!

The streets of Russia can be dangerous, and the traffic enforcement officials can be worse! Drivers regularly use dash cams to avoid having to pay bribes to officers and scammers. A popular plot involves pedestrians pretending to be hit by a car. A simple dash cam can save the driver from paying the pedestrian a large sum of money!

dash cams

It is not uncommon for Russian traffic police to side with the party willing to pay. It is likely common for pedestrians and police to pair up in these types of scams. Therefore, the cost of installing video on all sides of a vehicle in order to drive in Russia is actually worth the initial investment!

dash cams

Crazy cart man just looks crazy! (Full video below)

Just the facts:

  • Last year, 200,000 traffic accidents claimed the lives of 28,000 in Russia.
  • According to Transparency International, Russia ranks 133rd among the world’s nation in the area of corruption.

Dash cams could be the last hope for civility and survival on the roads. Check out the following WTH moments captured in using the cams:

Watch as a random and likely tweaked man with a shopping buggy disrupts traffic

This is a compilation of many unbelievable crashes and fraud attempts captured on Russian dash cams! I feel like it should have featured “Today was a good day” as a soundtrack. 

dash cams

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