Bentley and More Offered at Specialty Auto Plate Auction!

My Plates is a specialty auction dealing in highly sought-after license plates. The Great Plate Auction 2013 is scheduled for January 25th in Houston. During this luxury event, exclusive 7-letter Texas license plates will be bestowed to the highest bidder. Five new coveted plates up for grabs this year include Bentley, Phantom, Boxster, Carrera and Maybach. Could this be a frenzy for the cast of ‘Big Rich Texas’? Yikes.

Specialty license plates

If you live in Texas and are clamoring for one of the rare exotic auto specialty plates, the auction is January 25th, 2013. You can register online!

The owner is able to keep the vanity plate for 10 years, and then is able to renew it annually. This means that the specialty plate may not change hands again for a decade or more, thus raising the prices. There are 2,193 Bentleys registered in the state of Texas, but just 29 Maybachs, so the pricing will reflect such. With 2012 being the final production year for the Maybach car, that plate will likely be quite expensive!

Specialty plate auction

Unlike other Texas license plates, plates sold at the Great Plate Auction are legally transferable. This means winners can later sell their plates to someone else, who has the same right to resell and so on.

Fun fact: Texas has offered personalized license plates since 1965, but they were just 6 letters. The addition of a 7th character has opened doors to a valuable inventory for the state.

The first Great Plate Auction was in January of 2011 at Cowboys Stadium. During that auction, the Ferrari plate sold for a staggering $15,000! The 2013 auction will be open to the public with free admission at the Houston Auto Show in Hall B at Reliant Center.

Bentley rental

Our Bentley rental in Miami

Do not have a few grand to drop on a specialty plate? Don’t get stressed…everyone knows what kind of car it is already…announcing it on the plate seems a bit redundant.


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