Scoring Super Bowl 44 Tickets-Pay to Play

Super Bowl TicketsWe at Imagine Lifestyles have been checking out what tickets to Super Bowl 44 Miami are selling for, and they are certainly not cheap.  If you are heading down to Miami to join us for the big game, you may be in the process of searching for the best deal you can score on the coveted tickets.

Stubhub is advertising a variety of pricing options, and the ability to search by price bracket, here are a few:

•    $1835-$2426
•    $2426-$2695
•    $2695-$3284
•    $3284-$4775
•    $4775 and up

Ticketmaster and other online providers are offering similar packages for Super Bowl XLIV tickets.  There are various other methods people use to obtain cheaper tickets, such as Craigslist that may be the ticket to a better deal if you have the time to haggle.

One thing is for certain, the game is about three weeks away, and tickets will be sold out.  The question still remains “Who will be playing”, and tickets will sell out promptly once that discovery is made and fans find out if their team is coming to Miami this year for a shot at the NFL championship game.  Will it be the Indianapolis Colts, the Saints, the Vikings, or perhaps the Jets? 

When fans find out if their team is in the running for the Super Bowl 44 title, plane tickets, game tickets, Miami hotels and exotic rental cars will be scooped up at the speed of light.  Remember Imagine Lifestyles is your source for luxury information and a lofty slice of entertainment daily-so let us know if you have any questions about what to do while you are in Miami.

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