Ask Imagine: Boyfriend Birthday Blues

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I am a regular reader and a fan, which may seem surprising because I am a female.  My boyfriend is a “gearhead”, and I began reading your blog in an effort to understand his excitement, and began to love them myself.

 I am writing to you for advice, because his birthday is approaching, and we have been together nearly four years.  I would really love to rock his world with an amazing birthday gift that he would never expect.  I have been toying with the idea of an exotic rental car from you guys, any thoughts on the idea or which model would be the best?  This is really important to me and I have a feeling he would find it unforgettable.

Amanda, South Beach

Hello Amanda,

Let us begin by saying that you must be one amazing woman!  We think its not only cool that you are such an obviously intuitive girlfriend, but that you are becoming a “gearhead” yourself-an outstanding quality in a woman.

Your birthday gift idea is fantastic, and we are certain he will love you for it, then perhaps hate you when he has to hand in the keys.  An exotic rental car is the perfect way to show him that you know what excites him, and this far into a long-term relationship, an ideal way to keep the spice alive (which you obviously do). 

Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Car RentalsBecause you live in South Beach, we will spare you our bragging on the area, as you know it is the place to be.  As far as which rental is right for your man, assuming it will be just the two of you, we recommend our new Ferrari F30 Spider rental, which we just received delivery of in October.

If you do not feel that would rev his engine, we recommend asking him some leading questions such as “if you could rent any one of these cars, which one would you pick?”  Then tell him which one you would pick.  Trust us, he will never guess you are about to rent one for him!

Again, thanks for being a fan and a completely cool gear-girl!  Your man will more than thank you for the experience you are about to provide for him, we are looking forward to meeting you,

Imagine Lifestyles

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